When you came to Poland, you must have had many questions in your mind:

Poland is the home of Solidarity and we believe that it can be a second home for you, where you will find peaceful place to live for yourself and your family.

There is nothing more important to us than the safety of our loved ones and decent living conditions.

That is why we have prepared a collection of information that may be useful for you at the start of a new life in our homeland. Make yourself at home and remember that you are welcome in our community.

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Patron honorowy

First steps after arrival in Poland

If you escaped Russian military aggression from the territory of Ukraine and crossed the Polish border, you were allowed in, even if you didn't have the necessary documents with you. Do not worry, you are already safe. We will help you acclimatize in Poland and obtain all necessary documents for a legal stay in our country.

How to legalize your stay in Poland?
What is a PESEL number and how to get it
What you need to do to work in Poland?

Support for families

Once you are legally in Poland and have a PESEL number, you are right to a social supported on similar principles as Polish citizens. There are also other possibilities to help you start a new life in Poland.

How to get social benefits offered by Poland, such as 500+ and more?
If I have children, what help can I get?

Work in Poland

Special regulation introduced by the Polish government give the opportunity to Ukrainian citizens, who have been granted a temporary residence permit in our country, work legally for any employer in Poland, without any additional permits.

On the Polish labor market, you have the same rights and obligations as all other employees. You are protected by labor law, so it is worth knowing how an employment contract differs from other types of contracts, what to pay attention to in the workplace and how not to be exploited.